The link to register for the Winter Sculling Series is on the home page.

Here are some useful tips for registration:

The registration process is designed so that the VSA captures the information its volunteers need to conduct the series. You will be asked:

- for an email address and for a mobile phone number. The VSA will use these to communicate with you but will not use this address for non VSA purposes.
- to create your own password. This allows you to update your event registration. Note that when you add events to your registration you will need to pay for these with your credit card.
- to provide your credit card details. The VSA has been assured that Active Network has a secure credit card processing system.
- to nominate your boat class (racing or tub) and Club or School. If your Club or school is not listed , select "other" and the VSA will be in touch with you to add this detail.
- to nominate for events. Note that this is the basis for calculating your entry fees. You will have the opportunity of updating your registration and events during the series but it is simpler to do them all at once, and process one credit card payment.
- to indicate if you need transport from the city to events. The VSA will coordinate transport as far as is possible. This may carry a small fee payable to the driver on the day.

The annual fee to register with the VSA is $25.00.

The cost of entering each race is $7.00.


Weekly Entry Confirmation and Scratching

Having registered and entered for multiple events over several weeks, competitors must confirm or scratch their race entry by email to:  before 6.00pm on Monday each week.

We need confirmations or scratchings to ensure that we include everyone who wants to race, but not people who don't plan to turn up. These emails should have the subject shown as follows: "J. Smith entry 26/7 confirmed" or "J. .Smith entry 26/7 scratch" , so that the email does not need to be opened by the person processing entries.


If you do not confirm your entry, we may not include you in the race for that week .

Entries will be collated and starting order and times finalised in time for this information to be published on the website by Friday, under the Draws section of the website. The starting order and times will also be displayed where bow numbers are collected from 7:30 am Saturday (for races on the Yarra, usually from MUBC).

  No late entries will be accepted ,

because this causes delay in race starts, inconveniencing all competitors.


(Please don't ask to be the exception.)

If you have any queries regarding registration please email