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You must sign a hard copy waiver before your first event.  You can do this when you collect your first bow number or download here and return by email to Under 18?  Parent or guardian must also sign.

  Please also see the Public Notice below relating to the exemptions under which the Wintersculling series will be conducted.

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Culture, Rules and Protests

The VSA Committee  offers the following guidance to competitors:

1) The VSA is a 100 year old organisation run by volunteers with the aim of perpetuating the series of 11 events for the enjoyment of scullers with the side benefit that some scullers may gain skills and fitness.

2) The handicap series exists in order that scullers who are slow have the fun of being chased, and seeing if they can make it to the finish ahead, and that scullers who are fast have the fun of seeing how many they can chase down. The handicaps are based on the handicappers' subjective expectations of speed. While there is an attempt to ensure close racing in every heat, the handicaps are not objectively derived. This adds an element of fun for some in 'beating the handicapper', often enough to get ahead on the points table.

3) The series has the support of a community of people who enjoy its informal atmosphere which, while lacking formal rules, carries an expectation that competition will be conducted within a culture of courtesy, inclusiveness and sporting spirit, without the 'win at all costs' behaviour present in modern 'sport'.   This group does not expect competitors to protest technicalities, and so the VSA accepts entries on the basis that protests will:

a) be accompanied by a $200 non refundable cash donation to the association and 

b) be dealt with at a time and in such manner as the Committee deems appropriate, without recourse or appeal.




Parks Victoria as the declared waterway manager for the Yarra River upstream of the port waters of the Port of Melbourne, the Maribyrnong River upstream of Shepherds Bridge and Albert Park Lake, makes the following declaration under section 203(3) of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic).


For the purposes of boating activity conducted by the Victorian Sculling Association, persons and vessels involved in the Winter Sculling Series 2019 are exempt from the following requirements:


State Rules made under the Marine Act 1988

1.     Clause 2(a) – must not exceed 5 knots within 50 metres of a person in the water.

2.     Clause 2(c) – must not exceed 5 knots within 50 meters of another vessel.

3.     Clause 3(a) – must not exceed 5 knots within 50 metres of the water’s edge.

4.     Clause 3(c) – must not exceed 5 knots within 50 metres of a fixed or floating structure.


Waterway Rules made under the Marine Safety Act 2010 / Marine Act 1988

5.     Clause 3.1 of Schedule 3 – 5 knot speed restriction on the Yarra River.

6.     Clause 4.1 of Schedule 4 – 5 knot speed restriction on the Maribyrnong River.

7.     Clause 151.1 of Schedule 151 – 5 knot speed restriction for powered vessels on Albert Park Lake.


Marine Safety Regulations 2012

8.     Regulation 96(6) – requirements to carry PFDs for everyone on board.

9.     Regulation 100(3) – requirements for all onboard to wear a PFD.


Subject to the conditions detailed below:


·          The masters of rescue vessels are exempt from 1 to 7 in the above list only if undertaking a rescue operation to retrieve persons in distress, provide for their initial medical or other needs and deliver them to a place of safety. Any vessels that are designated rescue vessels must be fitted with propeller guards, in order to minimise the risk of propeller strike injury to people in the water. Those not designated as rescue vessels that are required to assist with rescue in an emergency must adhere to the Safety Management Plan and turn their engine off before bringing a person on board.

·          All occupants of powered vessels involved in the events must wear a PFD at all times.

·          Competing scullers are only exempt from 8 and 9 above for the duration of the event.

·          The exemptions apply only from 8:00 am to 11:30 am on the dates and locations specified in Table 1 provided that the stated safety controls and undertakings detailed in the event application, the Sculling Victoria Safety Management Plan and associated documentation must be adhered to.

·          Certain Victorian Sculling Association Inc. powered vessels have been approved by Parks Victoria to operate on the waters of Albert Park Lake as per Clause 151.2(a) of Schedule 151 of the Notice under the Marine Act 1988.

Table 1- Winter Sculling Series 2019 Schedule


Event Date


Albert Park Grand Prix

Sat 8 June

Albert Park Lake (exclusion zone)

The “John Whiting” Round the Island race

Sat 15 June

Yarra River (exclusion zone)

Handicap Series Round 1

Sat 22 June

Yarra River

Handicap Series Round 2

Sat 29 June

Yarra River

Handicap Series Round 3

Sat 6 July

Yarra River

Handicap Series Round 4

Sat 13 July

Yarra River

Handicap Series Round 5

Sat 20 July

Yarra River

Handicap Series Round 6

Sat 27 July

Yarra River

Head of the Maribyrnong

Sat 3 August

Maribyrnong River

Scullers’ Head of the Yarra

Sat 17 August

Yarra River (exclusion zone)


Parks Victoria

Dated: 04/06/19